Frequently Asked Questions |toll free no
Q1. What is toll-free service?
Ans. Toll-free service is a one-way incoming long distance service that allows a business/Organization to receive calls at no charge to the caller.
Toll-free numbers are increasingly popular for professional as well as personal use. For example, parents can give their toll-free number to their child, enabling that child to call his/her parents anytime at no charge to the child.
Toll free number is a way to attract new customers for any business and helps to build customer loyalty. It is also a good way to assist traveling employees.
Q2. Do all toll-free numbers start with 1-800?
Ans. No, a toll-free number can also be available with 1-888, 1-877 and 1-866.
Q3. What is the service charge for setting up a toll-free number?
Ans. 2500/- charge will be for setting up a toll-free number.
Q4. Can I specify how incoming call will be routed?
Ans. Yes, you can specify how toll-free calls will be routed based on pre-specified criteria such as originating area code, time of day, busy signal or no answer.
Q5. Do I receive a separate bill for my toll-free service?
Ans. Yes we will provide a separate bill for your toll-free.
Q6. How do customers find my business toll-free number?
Ans. Your toll-free number can be listed with toll-free directory assistance at no additional charge.
Q7. If I move locations can I take my toll-free number with me?
Ans. Yes. you can.
Q8. Who is able to call my toll-free number?
Ans. You can specify coverage by area code etc. This flexibility helps you save money by eliminating those toll-free callers who may be calling from outside your organization/business service area.
Q9. Is any display options are available?
Ans. Yes, There is an option available for viewing the call origin or the toll-free number dialed.
Q10. Can I have my toll-free number terminate on multiple phones?
Ans. Yes, our optional routing features give you the flexibility to route your calls to different terminating locations.
Q11. Do I need any special equipment to get started toll-free service?
Ans. No. Our Toll Free Number Service is not required any special equipment. When you are provided your toll free number and you are authorized for our service, we will send you easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up and use your toll-free number service. thus You can attend toll free incoming calls through either fixed telephone or mobile phone.
Q12. How long before I can start using my toll free number?
Ans. You may begin advertising your toll free number immediately after ordering service.
Q13. How many calls can my toll free number take at a time?
Ans. Businesses/Organizations can receive thousands of calls simultaneously without any impact on their service or that of other customers. If your toll free number will be taking large volumes of simultaneous calls, we recommend that contact to our technical support.
Q14. Can I upload my auto attendant recording?
Ans. Yes. If you have already had a recording you would like to use for your auto attendant, you may upload the audio file through your Control Panel which is provided by us. You can also make a new recording over the phone at any time, or choose from one of our professional voice talents record your script with small additional charges.
Q15. Can I forward calls to multiple numbers for one extension?
Ans. Yes. every extension in your Toll Free variety Service is forwarded to as several numbers as you would like. The numbers can dial within the order you list them, or will even be discovered with a sophisticated decision distribution (ACD) like a round-robin rotation, least decision time weight, or synchronic ringing.
Q16. How do I start a conference call?
Ans. Starting a phone call together with your Toll Free Service is as simple as studying the phone and dialing. You and your phone call participants dial toll free phone call variety and enter your distinctive conferencing PIN number. If you have got forgotten the toll free phone call variety or your conferencing PIN numbers, please contact Technical Support.
Q17. What if i face any problem and have any issue ?
Ans. you can contact us any time in case of any forms of issues through the contact details which is available at our website and we will resolve issues as soon as possible.
Q18. How long will my toll free number take to be activated?
Ans. You can start using your toll free number on the date it is allocated to you.
Q19. Are there any restrictions on numbers that i can possess in my account?
Ans. No you can have any number which would you like. but charges will be applicable accordingly.